Comment 126 for bug 585940

joy23 (shakespear-joy) wrote :

Solution for this is just changed of text nothing more

32 bit (should work on all systems)

64 bit (for compatible computers)

Developers should concentrate more on 64 bit computers as lot of the public around are going for it.
The next realease should be able to address such issues. Only when people get stable 64 bit OSes will they even think of shifting also only then will other companies come out with things compatible for 64 bit

AFAIK adobe already has a 64 bit flash ready
java too has shifted to 64 bit.
Hopefully both of them are ready with 64 bit next gen plugins
firefox is already on forefront with new nightlys coming out.

64 bit is definitely better than 32 bit unless 32 bit offers specific speed enhancements for a particular need.
Even win 7 x64 was received by a lot of people just because everything seemed to go faster .
amount of ram will only increase in coming future.
so better to have a 64 bit version comparable in stability to 32 bit version.
In future we could see
32 bit
64 bit (recommended)