Comment 107 for bug 585940

Seriously, you guys need to get moving and change this. I decided to go with Kubuntu for a new desktop, but was pondering the possibility of Ubuntu and opened up the download page. I have been using Linux for many years and seeing that message next to 64-bit almost made me consider another distro, as there is no way I would run 32-bit on a Core i7 with 8GB of RAM. That is, until I researched it and found it to just be utter BS. Imagine what a relative newbie who wants to unleash the power of their system might do. That's right! They will likely move along, if they have any concept of 32-bit vs 64-bit(most at least know more is usually better). Anyways, I did end up installing the Kubuntu CD I had already made for a laptop before. As usual, no problems. Just the usual 32-bit compiled programs needing some libs(big deal). Maybe a link next to the download explaining the potential complications(not running on 32-bit machines, needing some extra libs yada, yada) might be in order. However, how it reads now definitely gives the wrong impression, even to a long-time *nix user. I actually did think maybe a serious bug was found in 64-bit, by the way that read.