Comment 9 for bug 1371661

Benjamin Keyser (bjkeyser) wrote :

@antii @pat @bill

The state of the art indicator menu is monochrome by design... it's not meant as an alert/alarm bar (we raise the urgency using alerts), but rather meant as a quieter, more peaceful device dashboard. If the icon were always red, for example, it indicates an error or alarm condition which for many cases would not be really true, as users often WANT the sim to be locked, and constantly showing an error state will be more of an irritant.

This icon may not "scream" locked all on it's own, that's true, but there are multiple touchpoints telling the user their SIM is locked and inviting them to unlock if they try to use it. So, after one cycle through this experience from boot to attempting to use the dialer on a locked sim, the "locked sim" icon will make sense and be more than enough to remind users.

The overall unlock experience does not need to be communicated at all once ... the cumulative effect of all of the touchpoints will be more than enough to guide users on unlocking and educate them how to quickly check visually going foward.