Comment 6 for bug 1327091

Thank you very much for this. It is really helpful.

You have touched on a number of issues and themes in your reply which are all valid point to explore. To be able to suggest the right design solution, it is always helpful to single out the problem we are trying to solve, which according to the points you raised, appears to be the users recognition of the home button. There are three elements here:
1. Locating the path to the home button (in this case knowing that it lives in the launcher)
2. Visual recognition (icon design to indicate the expected behaviour)
3. Once 1 and 2 are comprehended, the ability to quickly perform the action.

I think that the first 2 points need attention which will automatically achieve point 3. To enhance the recognition of the home button I suggest the following:
1. Have the launcher always visible by default, and allow users to hide/show it in settings. This will allow first time users to better understand and get acquainted with the structure of their new phones.
2. Revise the icon design, while aligning with other form factors to maintain consistency.

What are your thoughts on this?