Comment 30 for bug 1124071

Roman, noone questions your experience, what I just said previously was that "you cannot combine Repeater and function-based added tabs, as you cannot insert a Tab in between the tabs created by the Repeater, because any model change of the Repeater will throw out the function-added tab from that area". Yes, this can be documented and will be, once we decide to roll back the fix I pushed. I've never said that the Repeater will give you full support, what I said that for instance for the RSS app this approach might be good enough - we have StateSaver that could be used to restore states on Tabs btw...

We are checking other solutions, other API than functions, but most likely we will roll back to the functions.

And apologies for keeping this bug open for such a long time, we thought that we managed to close this, but then everything blew up... I'll make sure we will have a solution ASAP.