[PS3 BOOTLOADER] Bluetooth keyboards not supported by kboot

Bug #289905 reported by Beyil on 2008-10-27
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**NOTE**: If you're looking at this bug because your wireless bluetooth keyboard isn't usable with your PS3, please see bug 292042 instead.

using a bluetooth keyboard to start or install means that you are stuck till you to a hard reset or find a usb keyboard to install with or type in commands at the kboot screen.. with the ps/3 using a bluetooth keyboard by default this can really be an issue for those with out access to or having a usb keyboard to start up or even install ubuntu, let alone get back to the game os.

Beyil (rjbgolding) wrote :

this was with 27 oct 2008 live cd build and latest firmware from sony (2.5 somthing I think)

Dan Munckton (munckfish) wrote :

Lets try to sort this in Jaunty.

Changed in ubuntu-ps3-port:
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Changed in ps3-kboot:
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Dan Munckton (munckfish) on 2008-10-28
Changed in ubuntu-ps3-port:
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Using a wireless keyboard worked fine for installing for me (Logitech Di Novo Edge, using dongle). But it doesn't work after installing. No problem with Kboot but after booting up 8.10 the kb looses connection.

Ville Määttä (vmaatta) wrote :

Oh, just to clarify, this was with the 20083010 release build of alternate PS3 cd.

hyperspaced (hyperspaced) wrote :

As far as I know, YOU CANNOT use bluetooth keyboard in kboot prompt because the bluetooth daemon is NOT started.

Since there is no bluetooth stack initialized at the kboot prompt, you need to use a USB keyboard to INSTALL ubuntu (7.10 -- has problems with 8.10).

After that, you can set up the bluetooth keyboard in the system and you will never need the USB keyboard again. Now to boot back to game os, using your bluetooth keyboard to open up the terminal and type sudo ps3-boot-game-os. System will restart and XMB will show up.

hyperspaced (hyperspaced) wrote :

Something more: If you don't want to wait for the timeout to expire in kboot (it's 100 seconds, I think) you can simply edit /etc/kboot.conf and reduce the timeout to e.g. 3 seconds.

Dan Munckton (munckfish) wrote :

I opened this a few weeks back as it's just a feature I'd like to see added to kboot if someone has time at some point. It's not a bug it's just not supported yet AFAICT :)

Dan Munckton (munckfish) wrote :

Oops! Sorry, this isn't one I opened (getting mixed up with the one I opened on sixaxis support for kboot).

Still, same issue really, not supported currently. Needs investigation to see if it's possible.

hyperspaced (hyperspaced) wrote :


here are the files you requested. (I used a Kingston usb stick to copy -- you can see it in the logs - don't let it bother you)

Message 35.616454 (in dmesg.log) looks suspicious enough, I think

Please note that the tests where done on Nov 5, 00:30 and onwards, with Logitech MediaBoard Pro bluetooth keyboard.
Also, I remind you that using hidd --connect XX:XX:XX:XX works, but the effect is not permanent (created new hcid.conf file taken from 7.10 installation)

Hope this helps

hyperspaced (hyperspaced) wrote :

Oops, error, my last post should go to the other bluetooth keyboard bug.
I am double posting in the other thread.

jbeezo (jbeezo) wrote :

Incase anyone with this problem is reading this, here's a temporary workaround.

umount /mnt/root
mount /dev/ps3da1 /mnt root
cd /mnt/root/etc/default
rm bluetooth
echo "BLUETOOTH_ENABLED=0" > /mnt/root/etc/default/bluetooth
umount /mnt/root

Dan Munckton (munckfish) wrote :

Hi KillaB

Do you mean this bug? This is a wishlist item wanting bluetooth support in the bootloader/bootmenu. I'm guessing your fix applies to bug 292042?

Dan Munckton (munckfish) on 2008-11-10
description: updated
jbeezo (jbeezo) wrote :

To me, this is the same bug.
I'm using an MX5000 keyboard/mouse combo with the BT 2.0 dongle that came in the package. The keyboard and mouse pair with the dongle instead of the PS3's BT chipset which makes switching between Linux and PS3OS seamless. If you try to use internal BT, I think you end up pairing every time you switch between OSes.

The problem here is that you can install Ubuntu and type about kboot, but as soon as the BT daemon is started in Ubuntu the keyboard becomes useless. Haven't tested the mouse just yet, but since it's pairing with the dongle I don't expect any problems.

jbeezo (jbeezo) wrote :

Just re-read the OP....I guess my comments do belong in [url=https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/292042]292042[/url]. Sorry for that.

Dan Munckton (munckfish) wrote :

THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE OF #318465, HOW MORE CLEAR CAN I MAKE IT? This is about the bootloader not the running system. The bootloader has it's own separately compiled kernel. This needs to be investigated separately, it will not be fixed when #318465 is fixed.

description: updated
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