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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1177667: Nexus 7 Installer Fails Checksum Validation High Incomplete 414 weeks

From: Javier López
Link: fix.diff


Bug #1074673: JACK server fails to start Medium Triaged 425 weeks

From: David Henningsson
Link: jackd2.debdiff


Bug #1077704: Can't connect to ad-hoc wifi networks Medium Confirmed 425 weeks

From: Marco Pratesi
Link: linux-nexus7_3.1.10-9.27-adhoc.patch

kernel patch to restore adhoc networking support

Bug #1125295: Mumble won't work on armhf due to fixedpoint Undecided New 426 weeks

From: David Henningsson
Link: speex.debdiff


Bug #1123930: memleak in plugins/orientation/gsd-orientation-manager.c Undecided New 427 weeks

From: Jani Monoses
Link: gsd-debdiff.diff

Precalculate the two sysfs paths

Bug #1093543: Battery status behaves erratically Medium Triaged 428 weeks

From: bwalex
Link: 0001-power-bq27541_driver-Add-charge_full-charge_full_des.patch


Bug #1109183: energy_now value from the battery would simplify energy consumption testing on Nexus 7 Undecided New 429 weeks

From: bwalex
Link: 0001-power-bq27541_battery-Provide-energy-measurement.patch


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