Comment 4 for bug 1551283

Hi Tim,

On 2016-03-02 10:17, Tim wrote:
> any thoughts on this one?

Possibly. gnome-language-selector (the language-selector-gnome package) includes that UI for controlling the im-config behavior.

If I understand it correctly, Ubuntu GNOME does not ship any of these packages by default:

- language-selector-gnome
- language-selector-common
- im-config

Is that correct?

But if a user installs language-selector-gnome, as Nikita did, all those three packages get installed, and thus im-config may affect the input method configuration. Also, if you use gnome-language-selector to install Japanese (or any other CJKV language), fcitx gets installed as well.

And yes, in this situation im-config defaults to "none" (which is actually xim...).

This makes me think of bug #1550325. Possibly we should make a similar change to im-config (and language-selector-gnome), so they behave in the same way in Ubuntu GNOME as they do in Unity and MATE.

Let me know.