[8 new] Coverage: CP437: Please add symbols for the suits to Ubuntu Mono

Bug #812396 reported by Robert C. on 2011-07-18
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The font Ubuntu Mono is currently missing the symbols ♠♡♢♣♤♥♦♧ (U+2660 to U+2667). But those are needed for some old DOS programs that use the code page 437 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_page_437). Could you please add them?

Set file for CP437; (Unicode codepoints for those outside ASCII). Usable with a Makefile rule like:

  %.bdf: %.ttf
          /usr/bin/otf2bdf -c M -p 16 -r 72 $< | sed -e 's/AVERAGE_WIDTH.*/AVERAGE_WIDTH 80/' > $@

  %.cp437.psf: %.bdf
          bdf2psf --fb $< /usr/share/bdf2psf/standard.equivalents cp437.set 256 $@

summary: - Please add symbols for the suits to Ubuntu Mono
+ Coverage: CP437: Please add symbols for the suits to Ubuntu Mono
Paul Sladen (sladen) wrote :

The 53 missing glyphs reported as missing during build of a CP437 bitmap font:

  11 ASCII/ANSI box-drawing characters (in the mono font but not mapped): bug #788757
  1 figure-width space (easy, particularly in a monospace!)
  2 smiling faces (perhaps import from Ubuntu Pictogram library for consistency)
  4 Card suits (this bug): bug #812396
  2 Male/female gender signs [0]
  1 inverse-video mid-dot
  1 Sun/compass
  4 heavy arrows (Otto has sketched curved versions for drop-down UI-elements matching the font)
  4 thin arrows; need to connect up with thin box-drawing
  3 thin double-arrows (need to line up with thin box-drawing)
  2 musical notes (Cody Boisclair was doing these): bug #655350
  1 rectangle, 1 square, 4 half-blocks (easy recto-linear)
  2 integral operators (need to connect up with thin line-drawing)
  1 House
  1 Peseta ligature (currency)
  1 double exclamation mark (easy pure composite)
  1 Latin superscript 'n': bug #672557
  3 Mathematical/set operators (+1 right-angle)

I guess (given the intended purpose of the monospace => terminal font) this should have been specified originally although in order to increase the chance of Ubuntu Mono making Ubuntu 11.04 this missing stuff might have to wait until after the community-expansion phase starts in earnest. (They would just need copying-and-pasting between all four weights of the monospace as they're the same glyphs).

Cody: perhaps you'd be able to gather up ideas for all of the above (in vector) form. Most are simple recto-linear forms, the creative font input probably only needs to go into the subtle curves on the suits, house roof and perhaps the rays of the sun.

[0] Perhaps borrow from Ubuntu Women Logo? ( http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=3173 ) Question is whether that might be branding things a bit much?

tags: added: cp437 expansion
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Robert C. (fuzxxl) wrote :

I did not originally targeted those bdf fonts. My intention was, that I need those signs for an application of my self. So I'd love to see them anyway.

Cody Boisclair (codeman38) wrote :

I'm a bit too busy to work on glyph design at the moment, but I might be able to start looking at it next week.

Paul Sladen (sladen) wrote :

UTF-8 text file 16x16 grid of the CP437 character set for handing testing of Hinting setup in eg. Gimp.

Paul Sladen (sladen) wrote :

Five-line script used to generate the text file from the 'cp437.set' input file with Unicode codepoints at the top.

Paul Sladen (sladen) on 2011-12-02
Changed in ubuntu-font-family:
assignee: nobody → Shiraaz Gabru (shiraaz)
milestone: none → 0.9x-design
Shiraaz Gabru (shiraaz) wrote :

For the next update, the follow glyphs will be added to the mono-space fonts;

uni2007 uni263a uni263b uni2665 uni2666 uni2663 uni2660 uni25d8 uni25cb
uni25d9 uni2642 uni2640 uni266a uni266b uni263c uni25ba uni25c4 uni2195
uni203c uni25ac uni21a8 uni2191 uni2193 uni2192 uni2190 uni221f uni2194
uni25b2 uni25bc uni2302 uni20a7 uni2310 uni2584 uni258c uni2590 uni2580
uni2229 uni2261 uni2320 uni2321 uni207f uni25a0


Changed in ubuntu-font-family:
status: Triaged → In Progress
Shiraaz Gabru (shiraaz) wrote :

The additional glyphs have been designed, I've attached a PDF showing these general mono-spaced glyphs

Shiraaz Gabru (shiraaz) wrote :

Hi Paul , could you confirm that all the symbols you specified are on the PDF *Additional glyphs*?

Cody Boisclair (codeman38) wrote :

Can these also be rolled into the non-monospaced Ubuntu font? The line-drawing characters aren't quite so useful, but I can see uses for many of the other CP437 characters in a proportional font too. For instance...
- The arrow symbols could be useful in a user interface (to indicate arrow keys, of course!).
- The heart symbol shows up all over the place in things like "I ♥ NY".
- The eighth note (♪), as I've mentioned in the past, is a reasonably common convention to indicate song lyrics in subtitles.

Paul Sladen (sladen) wrote :

So they don't get lost; the curved arrows used in the interface, sent over from Rosie.

Shiraaz Gabru (shiraaz) wrote :

Hi Paul, could you specify what these glyphs (curved arrows) are by unicode?

Shiraaz Gabru (shiraaz) on 2012-02-20
Changed in ubuntu-font-family:
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Adolfo Jayme (fitojb) on 2012-04-07
tags: added: uff-expansion
removed: expansion
Tae-Wong SEO (seotaewong40) wrote :

The newly added glyphs use unixxxx names. Please change all of the PostScript names from unixxxx to uniXXXX.

XXXX means uppercase hex while xxxx means lowercase hex.

Paul Sladen (sladen) wrote :

386sky: thank you very much for spotting that. Please could you file it as a *new* bug so that this one does not get confused.

Tae-Wong SEO (seotaewong40) wrote :

The file cp437-missing-vs-UbuntuMonoHinted-0.4.txt has all U+xxxx values in lowercase.

How to change them to uppercase?

summary: - Coverage: CP437: Please add symbols for the suits to Ubuntu Mono
+ [8 new] Coverage: CP437: Please add symbols for the suits to Ubuntu Mono
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