Comment 3 for bug 626015

Hello Tom, that sampler sheet is really impressive and generally in-keeping with the typeface.

I know that you've based these on the Latin forms (shown above in the PDF). Have you also tried taking inspiration from the Cyrillic and Greek characters available. I'm not a Hebrew expert, so some of the designs for eg, the forms for:


although there is another bug open (bug #613277) to round the Cyrillic forms a little and make them slightly less angular.

If it's useful feedback, the main Ubuntu Font Family intends to have slightly thinner tails than stems (see the glyphs above, along with Latin 'y', 'e', 't'). It may be with seeing if this looks better when incorporated into some of the Hebrew alphabet (eg. 'גטנףת'?).

I am very impressed with the one in which you've approached, particularly understanding that nothing is final, and that if the solution is not obvious, it is better to present several alternatives to allow better refinement.

Once again, thank you for working on this... developing a typeface takes a very long-time (months and months), and although work on Hebrew won't be incorporated until the Ubuntu 11.04 development cycle, it is very useful to start working on it now!