Comment 2 for bug 1386254

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 11:20 PM, Arto Jalkanen <email address hidden>

> I had a comment on the original merge request on this:
> I'm not sure if this is the best course of action. The problem with the
> header is that it is icon only. An icon in the header depicting "lock"
> doesn't really tell user much. I'm afraid that many a users are just
> puzzled and wondering "where are my files".
> So for that reason I'd propose keeping the "Unlock all files" button "in
> your face" as it is currently. I feel the logical place where user
> discovers the unlock button is where the files are residing and where he
> is looking puzzled wondering where's the missing files.
> On phone this does not need to be a problem as the action does not fit
> into header, but will be in additional actions which have explaining text.
> But I'd imagine for example on tablet where there is more space in the
> header, the actions might fit into the header as icons and there is no
> explanation text for unlocking.
> But it's an easy change if you still feel this is the best course to
> take. You're probably right that it may be relatively seldom used
> feature.

Thanks Arto, I think yours is equally a valid point. However, I would argue
that the user should still be able to discover the unlock action, both on
phone and on tablet, if it's in the actions.

My concern is that we're actively trying to promote the users unlocking
their files, just assuming that most users will want to do that. And we're
doing this at the cost of sacrificing space and cluttering the UI. My hunch
is that most users will be just needing to browse their MTP-unlocked
directories. Those who need to access the rest of the file system I assume
they are power users and should be able to find the action in the header.

As per the action not having a text, it should actually have it regardless
of the form factor -unless it's the first one, which appears as an icon. In
any case, I think we should add some info about unlocking files in the
unlock dialog.

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> Title:
> Move unlock button to a header action
> Status in File Manager application for Ubuntu devices:
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> Bug description:
> In order to gain some precious vertical real state, unclutter the UI
> and not to permanently show an option that most users will not make
> use of (*), I would propose to move the "Unlock full access" button to
> be an action on the header.
> (*) I believe even power users, when they use the file manager, rarely
> need to pick files that are outside of the unlocked MTP directories.
> And in any case, when they need to, revealing the action is just one
> tap away.
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