Comment 3 for bug 1524293

You need to reproduce the issue again, then you should be able to find the log in /home/phablet/.cache/upstart.
The file is called "application-click-com.ubuntu.docviewer_docviewer_<app_version>.log".

> Where can I find the docviewer version?
Which version of Ubuntu are you running on your device? (you can see it from the system settings)
The latest version of DocViewer is only available for the latest OTA.
In order to make this check easier, just let me know if you are able to open MS-Office or LibreOffice documents (this feature is only available in the latest release of the app).

I did some further attempt to reproduce the bug. All I found is that the list of available documents is not always updated when the app is recovered from suspension, which doesn't seem to be related to your issue.