Comment 16 for bug 1232814

Sergio Callegari (callegar) wrote :

Not working here.

Cannot say if the lightdm login screen proposes hibernate since it proposes so many useless things (nexus 7 sessions????? On a laptop??? what for????) that the useful stuff goes out of the screen (and there is no way to scroll)

Certainly the normal user menu keeps not proposing hibernate.

killing indicator-session-service makes it respawn immediately, but still no hibernate option.

It is sad that this adds to tons of issues I've found with saucy in just 3 minutes:

- No hibernate
- Wifi not working most of the time unless you rfkill it and re-enable it (I think that it has to do with the window trying to bring it up in lightdm)
- When any indicator menu is open the application bar on the left does not stay open
- Bluetooth does not work anymore

...looks like going back 8 years with respect to the usual ubuntu standards.