Comment 67 for bug 392799

You know, switching from irc to a voice infrastructure would provide
good incentive to make the OS more support-friendly like OS X instead
of just telling people to type commands into their terminals all the
time. Since I provide support for my mom over the phone, it would be
very helpful to me for others in the ubuntu community to have the
barriers I face every week made clearer to them on a daily basis so
that I could have some hope of them getting resolved.

Also, while one must watch irc or hear annoying sound notifications
constantly, you can leave a mumble server running on a computer in a
room with a good microphone and just do whatever it is you do until
you hear someone ask something you think you might be able to help
The main downside of this is that it would not automatically create
text logs unless run through a voice recognition system-- but maybe
Google can help with that?

Personally, I just want to be able to wear my bluetooth headset and
take "phone" calls over the internet from 24/7.
All I need is the proper software infrastructure.