Comment 51 for bug 392799

There is already #ubuntu-cn and #ubuntu-it #ubuntu-loco this point seems to be lost on people.

If someone turns up from Italy and greets in Italian or someone turns up from .vn they get told about the correct channel via factoids in the bot.

Mostly though I see mutliple channels being generated for no real gain.

Before you reply to this please check out the list of channels available here:

Now how are three more going to help that?
They are not - and mostly people argue with their neighbours not people far away, I have seen not in the ubuntu space thankfully people from adjoining countries being very antagonistic towards each other.

There are filters for -ir -sa even ;-) and so forth.
The point not being addressed is this.

As was said in Prague, I most likely have spent the most time bar almost anyone else on IRC in the last 15 years.
If such a beast was put in place you can expect to lose helpers faster, and don't forget that you are stressing those people who help. If someone needs native langauge support they will be directed to their loco.

The best other idea here would be to have a bot to welcome people and show them a wiki page that would show them how to ignore joins and parts.

Is the channel scrolling too fast for you to keep up, then please use $setting for your client - if it is still too fast ask your question and prefix it with the words too fast - someone may join you (no one is obliged) in #ubuntu-classroom to help with your issue.

Furthermore lurkers are your next generation of helpers.
Is there room for a project to tackle the logs for the last month and see what questions are being asked the most in that time, thus leading to a wiki page of FixMes This Month. at the end of the day perhaps the object is to show someone how to fix something, not learn how to code, just get their box running in a reasonable way.