Comment 48 for bug 392799

As soon as you open X channels you are asking the people who offer support to split their focus across X channels.
Marek and Lorenzo's solutions are ideas that combined would make things better for the helpers and in so doing would help those who join the channel.

#ubuntu-reagional zone would be the place that was busy as it's TZ time came to it's usual IRC peak, and thus in my opinion (and without testing) very little difference would be seen in terms of quantity in conversation / scroll, now except that the TZ would be peaking in different channels assuming that people went where their TZ was.

Then you lose the cross pollination of helpers which is what grows people who are helping. It is the combination of skills that help these places work, dividing them will make them weaker.

A finite amount of helpers can't make more channels work, you just need a better irc toolchain, and I think the ones suggested above would be really helpful, perhaps someone could help LjL tune -meta and test it.

The way it used to work was that someone repeated a question that question got turned into a faq for the bot, and maybe a badly written wiki page that got attacked and cleaned up by the doc people, all of a sudden you had improved things.

Perhaps that may help swing the way you are all thinking. Remember you need buy in from both the helping community and the users to make it work, as users don't know / understand when they join initally what a PM you have just built a mountain before they start off. The idea is to smooth the end users path and allow them skill up to a fully capable helper, at least that that is how IRC has worked since I joined it back in the early 90's or else I have totally misunderstood something (which knowing me is possible ;-) ).

Anyway I hope whatever ye do works to improve it all around!