Comment 39 for bug 392799

Michael Hall (mhall119) wrote :

    Maybe then we just institutionalize the idea of creating a new temporary channel for long-running help sessions. The biggest reason I wanted to use ubottu was to prevent channel-clutter if people forget to leave a channel when they're done with it. I also liked the idea of being able to create a new bug with the attached channel log.

   The reason for the "provide a summary back to #ubuntu" was for situations where the user's problem was not solved, and the people helping them can't do anymore, instead of just dropping the user back into #ubuntu and having to start telling people his problem from scratch, anything they discovered or ruled out in the "corner" could be provided.

   If the process of taking conversations into temporary channels works, and we don't necessarily want to have a bot managing it, can we add something like a !corner command to ubottu that suggests that people take a particular conversation into a new channel and why?