Comment 2 for bug 1362803

AIUI, the current design only allows for creating a one time alarm for the same day that it is created. Eg, if it is Sat 14:00 and I want to take a nap now, I might set a one time alarm for 15:15. This is fine.

However, if it is Fri 22:00 and I am going to bed but I need to catch a flight and get up at Sat 05:00, I cannot do this and must use the calendar. At a minimum I should be able to set a one time alarm for some time within the next 24 hours, but I like the idea of setting a one time alarm for any day of the week.

While the clock and the calendar may both have alarm functionality, people think of them differently. If I open the clock app and see I can set an alarm, I am thinking of that as an alarm clock. If I open the calendar, I am more thinking of appointments, events and save the dates. Thought of another way, a clock alarm represents a single point in time whereas a calendar entry represents a time range. I wouldn't expect to set an alarm in the clock for Fri 17th next month, but I also wouldn't expect to have to set my alarm clock for tomorrow morning in the calendar.