Comment 8 for bug 1471344

Andreas (anhyb) wrote :

So, there is a (great) community member who did the whole job...
So, Wubi can be used... even with Windows 7, 8.x and 10... and with UEFI...
So, there IS a solution... it works... you just have to grab it... Why not just doing it?

Wubi was always one of my favourite things on ubuntu.
- No VirtualMachine ("Haha! That lame ubuntu of you is sooooo slow! I knew it!")
- Uses the actual (and not virtual) Hardware of the PC
- No (dangerous) partitioning ("What? I just wanted to test this ubuntu and now my Windows has less space?" or:"No, I dont have a backup...")
- Test it (quickly). Play with it. - Love it: Install it on a partition and tell all your friends. / Hate it: Just delete it and ask Cortana for dinner.

Okay. If it will be removed from cdimage ... okay.
But maybe you just could leave it as a simple (updated) download option - for the (thankful) freaks?

@hakuna_matata: Thank you for your wonderful job. Works like a charm.