Comment 227 for bug 1040557

Jethro (jethro-belman) wrote :

Hi guys,

Apologies for my lack of response. I had been running fine Ubuntu by manually enabling CSM as boot option in BIOS and booting but GRUB would give an error trying to load Windows 8, I had to manually change back to UEFI boot option to load Win 8. I hadn't had time to find a fix to this.

FYI when I installed Ubuntu I used the option install alongside Win 8.

I have subsequently used the excellently tool here to fix this: I used this by installing via Ubuntu and just running standard options, upon reboot im running fine.

And GRUB now boots fine into Ubuntu or Win 8. When I get time i'm going to actually dig a bit deeper and write a guide and figure out the actual issue but as a Linux noob I've not had the time to go too deep into the root cause.

In essence using my above steps and then using the boot repair tool I'm able to dual boot fine. Will update in the future again.