Comment 118 for bug 1040557

I just got a Samsung series 7 chronos 700Z5C-S02 with the intent of installing XUbuntu 12.04 on it dual boot with Windows 8 (still can't completely dump Windows as I need to be able to work with MS Access regularly). Luckilly I ran into this series of posts before succeeding in starting to attempt install. Having read through the chain I do still have some questions and suggestions:

1) This seems to be a BIOS bug in a small number of Samsung notebooks. Has it been brought to the attention of Samsung with a clear message that they should bring out an updated corrected BIOS immediately? This bug sits at the level of the batteries in the Boeing Dreamliner, and from a simple European perspective could be seen to limit the free choice of consumers for an operating system (anti-competitive).

2) In Val's post 116 I read " To install 12.04, get one of the latest daily builds from (dated January 18th, 2013 or later) and install from it in a usual way. ". Does this mean that I can download a latest daily build and install it without having to turn UEFI, secureboot or fastboot options off without risking trashing the BIOS, can just burn this latest build to a DVD or install it on a USB stick, reboot from that and install??

3) With such long chains of posts it becomes quite difficult to figure out what the critical posts are. It might be a suggestion to have a "sticky post" at the top or bottom which summarizes the current status of such a critical bug, and provides a simple cookbook for the workarounds for such dummies like me, along the lines of "For (L/K/X)Ubuntu 12.04 follow the following steps: a)..., b)..., c) .... In addition make sure you do NOT upgrade to 12.10 until such time that this warning has been amended. For (L/K/X)Ubuntu 12.10, noting that this is not recommended for general use, follow the steps in post 116.@" ?