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Bug #1199774 reported by Seegras on 2013-07-10
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Bug Description

A standalone calendar is rather useless, so it needs to support the most prevalent and open standards for exchanging calendar data:

- CalDAV for syncing to the cloud (or your own server):
- iCAL for fetching calendars from the web (or importing calendar data)

David Planella (dpm) wrote :

I agree. However, for 13.10 we need to get the basics implemented first, so for now I'll set the priority to Low. Thanks for reporting!

Changed in ubuntu-calendar-app:
status: New → Triaged
importance: Undecided → Low
Vincent (influence-pc) wrote :

I've seen that some people speak about SyncEvolution, do you know if it's already planned to implement it in the Calendar app?


Vincent (influence-pc) wrote :

Details about Caldav specifications:

Peter Mason (peter-mason77) wrote :

I think this is quite an important issue. it was set to low in Sept 2013. Has there been any progress? Sorry, not skilled enough to help, but want this feature.

In order for the Ubuntu phone to gain terrain on the market, it is absolutely crucial to be able to sync calendar, email and contacts with an MS Exchange server. I have been using a Nexus 4 with Ubuntu since October '14 in spite of not being able to do this.

I have done a tedious partial workaround by porting the most needed contacts via Google, but calendar and email remain a problem. At the moment, I only check them on my PC (also running Ubuntu) via the browser logging in to Outook. This is also possible on the phone, but time consuming, unpractical (no notifications) and unpractical.

The IT department that serves the school where I am employed also serves 44 other work places, counting a total of close to 5000 employees. Hoping for them to swap Exchange for something else because I fell in love with the Ubuntu phone is, well, you get the picture!

If these sync issues were resolved, however, the phone would suddenly become immeasureably more attractive to a a very considerable group of potential customers. I sincerely hope someone is giving this some very serious thought. If I had had the necessary skills, I would have spent my time trying to solve this myself, but unfortunately that is not the situation. Please, could someone look into this...? (I will also post this on Ubuntu Discourse)

LR (lr-lr) wrote :

is this a joke? the phone can't sync caldav and no one cares?

Simon (cimm) wrote :

This is a deal breaker for me as well. I finally decided to switch to FOSS from OS X to learn the only way to get my contacts and calendars is to sell everything back to Google. :( What does Canonical use for their internal calendars and contacts?

There is thread on Discourse with some more people who would like to see this:

Oehm (oehmannemuere) wrote :

Word, Simon!
And still "Importance 'Low'"...

Changed in ubuntu-calendar-app:
importance: Low → Medium
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in sync-monitor (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
Changed in sync-monitor (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → In Progress
status: In Progress → Confirmed
HP (peter-hausler) wrote :

There are a few things a "Phone" must have.
Making calls and sending SMS should work just as well as a working calendar and a web browser.

A Smartphone has some additional features like a Apps witch automatise recurring processes.

Currently the Ubuntu Phone is UNUSABLE; transmitted SMS can not be tracked, the calendar can not be synced, the web browser has no privacy options (what makes it unusable), contacts can not be imported in a easy way and now I've found out that the syncing of the calendar is lacking for two years...

since the ubuntu edge I was waiting for a phone which I can trust in
I was not using mail on android an I did not store any private data like calendar sync on the phone AND I was hoping that al this would be possible with a trustworthy ubuntu phone

But now I have realised that non of all this is possible...

presently I'm switching back to android :-( because:
*the few unsynced calendar entry’s are flashing until I recognise them, so I don't have to miss my appointments.
*I can see weather the recipient has received a SMS or not
*Firefox with its privacy options is and privacy addons is available
*Threema and other secure messengers which do not ask for my phone number are available
*I can easily mange my contacts
*the battery is lasting for 5 days while the ubuntu phone is lasting only 1,5 days under the same conditions
*The battery has to be charged every day, otherwise you can not be sure that the clock is ringing on the next morning :-(

After powering up the ubuntu phone for the first time, I was occupied with uninstalling "Third party SHIT"
By now I was not able to remove things like Amazon, Facebook-Photos and Yahoo.
I am wondering why there is so much useless sh... on this Phone while the very basic features do not work.

I am sorry, I don't want to be rude and I don't want hurt somebody but this all was depressing me so much and this was hurting me while writing this text because I am a big fan of Ubuntu and the open source spirit.

Yes, please implement CalDAV support as soon as possible.

wayneoutthere (taylor-wayne-r) wrote :

Totally agree. No calendar sync is absolutely priority A1A. I am a full time realtor and I was showing everyone I know both agents and clients how I am fully converted but the calendar thing is forcing me back to android. I really, really, don't want to go backwards. Thanks so much for pushing this calendar hard.

I just received my ubuntu phone, and was mildly disapointed to find out that the freedom hating stuff that you could get on any platform seems to work. But the freedom loving stuff that supposedly differentiates ubuntu phone from the others is lacking. Please get the calendar working.

Steven Austen (ausbuscon) wrote :

I'm with Ari. The school I work at has moved to office365. Dekko can talk to office365 email. Why won't the calendar talk to office 365 calendar?

LR (lr-lr) wrote :

+++ caldav and carddav sync works pretty well +++

the applications become able to handle multiple calendars and addressbooks as soon aus you have configured syncevolution and did your first sync!

great device, i love it now!

That's true. Syncevolution is working very well.
But that doesn’t eliminate this bug. We need an end user friendly solution without using the command line.

I got my Ubuntu BQ 4.5 two days ago and I was shocked that there is not caldav/cardav support. I did manage it with syncevolution using this

However, I was not able to sync in the background.

I would be extremely grateful for a GUI sync like with Google.

Still no progress in this bug.

Would it be possible that you point us to the source code of the syncevolution interface for the Google calendar?
I think here are enough persons who could adopt the Google sync UI part for a GUI allowing caldav sync. This could speed up the things a little bit.

Florent V. (spangenhelm) wrote :

+1000 -> HP (peter-hausler)

I am so disappointed with this phone, with all that you said plus, and its a big plus, this f**** phone does not even work out of the box with...linux ! Yes you heard me, because of an mtp protocol it works best on Windows.. unbelievable! So for those looking for a solution you should check for installing mtp on linux in order to get it to work correctly (for having access to photos, videos, images..well medias), but don't expect too much.
Also you can't sync/import/export your contacts nor sms, you can't keep sms as "drafts", you don't have notifications triggered for the reminder in the calendar app (so it only shows up a little tooltip for a few seconds and that's it, if you miss it you miss your rendez-vous!!) well i was so proud to have this phone..until i start using it !

Fortunatly, for those using an BQ Aquaris there is a number you can call for free to reach their support (at least in France, here it is: 01 73 00 03 37) check on your warranty paper included with your phone to have all available numbers! They are really nice, they speak in differents languages and they try to help you the best they can, last but not least, apparently they can send your requests directly to canonical !


dobey (dobey) on 2015-06-23
summary: - needs DAV and ICAL support
+ No DAV and ICAL support

For people who know their way around on the terminal:

Have not tested this myself yet.

Romain Fluttaz (botux) wrote :

The thing we need is a plug-in/template for adding an account with an URL specified by the user (carddav &/or caldav).

If we take a look at we can see it can (and should) be integrated in sync-monitor, or should we create a plug-in in the online-accounts plug-ins package (

This way we could have a support for owncloud, but even better all caldav & carddav server !

And just another question, what about the project buteo-sync-plugins-contacts, I do not understa ?

Ruben Maes (ruben-maes96) wrote :

If I wanted to give my calendar data to Google, I'd have bought an Android phone. Having to use the command line is no solution, it's not obvious to users. It seems you don't care about freedom at all. I'm so disappointed with the whole Ubuntu Phone.

summary: - No DAV and ICAL support
+ No calDAV and ICAL support
summary: - No calDAV and ICAL support
+ No calDAV and iCalendar support
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
Marcus Wendler (g-marcus) wrote :

I agree with the previous speakers: possibility to sync calendars with any free caldav sync server is absolute necessary condition to make the ubuntu phone ready for daily use.
Nobody will adopt an ubuntu phone or tablet to deal (only) with google for such basic tasks. Most of the potential users of ubuntu phone / tablet are linux and open source enthusiasts, who host their data on own servers with software like owncloud or baikal. I can not understand, why such a fundamental feature is triaged as "medium important" or "undecided" since 2013!
So I ask you to solve this issue because I (and hopefully thousends other people) will use ubuntu phone as their primary mobile platform!

Thank you!

DansLeRuSH (danslerush) wrote :

My Android phone WITHOUT Google Apps (thank you OmniRom) arrives at an end after more 5 years of intensive usage. I need a new one and I patiently wait a good Android alternative, Ubuntu preferably and maybe the Meizu Pro 5. I don't need millions of apps but when I read that I can't easily set my (non Google) email / agenda or contacts I'm hesitant : the fun fact, if I understand, is that it's easier to set a non-Google email on Android.

As said above, we have here primary functions ... do I wait for these functionalities or do I take a new easily rooted phone AOSP ?

Please, I truly love your work but I really need this sync for my professional and personal organisation. The more easier the setting is and the more new users you will have ;)

Best regards

PS : I submit the possibility to have a "CalDav/CardDav Management GUI" on the uAppExplorer Wishlist and some people are interested anyway ;)

@DansLeRuSH for e-mail there is no problem. Dekko handles IMAP accounts nicely.
For CALdav and contacts, you currently need to use the console, for eample using I used and documented on

Bastien Ho (bastienho) wrote :

Since the system is caldav/carddav ready (I use it everyday with a manual sync over terminal) we just miss a graphical user interface.

And I agree with g-marcus, most of UbuntuTouch users want to leave Google, native and frindly support of open protocols is a required feature. It can't stay medium.

So +1

DansLeRuSH (danslerush) wrote :

@joachim-8 : Thank you for your response and my bad for (the promising) Dekko, I had forgotten and I thought about Evolution on desktop (that I use), all these services in a same soft/GUI. So yeah, no problem with email.

As I know the "sync-evolution" solution (I had your article on fav, thank you again for that ;)) is a "command line" solution : make no mistake, I know my terminal and I have no fear in doing little settings. But here my point is that Ubuntu Touch deserve a simple GUI to manage CalDAV/CardDAV connections, centralize and simplify it to the maximum.

I know a lot of people who don't even try GNU/Linux on desktop because "you have to configure a lot of things like the old DOS" and I can't imagine bring them to try a mobile OS with the same arguments. Maybe UT is a bit more challenging than others in a first time but on the basic functions, it should be intuitive to configure. After numerous testings, the whole OS is excellent and yes it's a detail ... but people stop on details ;)

Dominik Noss (dominik-noss) wrote :

Please implement a user friendly solution for adding CalDAV synchronization.
There are multiple tutorials for CalDAV with syncevolution, but none of them covers Baikal as a server.
Even though there should be little difference, I can't get it to work.
Using syncevolution on the command line is confusing and cumbersome.

This might be very important for everybody who is using neither Google nor OwnCloud.

Bill Filler (bfiller) on 2016-04-13
Changed in ubuntu-calendar-app:
importance: Medium → High
Changed in sync-monitor (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → High
Bill Filler (bfiller) wrote :

Calendar: calendar syncing is currently done using sync-monitor and syncevolution, with the plan to eventually replace with the buteo framework (longer term, non-trivial project). Once this is in place, the buteo caldav plugin [1] could be used. For the shorter term, work could be done on sync-monitor to configure syncevolution wtih Owncloud caldav online account inforrmation such that the existing support for caldav in syncevolution could be used.


tags: added: owncloud
no longer affects: ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts
Changed in canonical-devices-system-image:
assignee: nobody → Bill Filler (bfiller)
milestone: none → backlog
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
Changed in sync-monitor (Ubuntu):
importance: High → Wishlist
Changed in ubuntu-calendar-app:
importance: High → Wishlist
Changed in canonical-devices-system-image:
status: New → Confirmed
Egbert (l-ubuntuone-v) wrote :

Not having CalDAV sync basically makes the system unusable for me. CardDAV should also be supported but is less crucial to me. I agree with all of the above, why is there just support for Google anyway, and not for iCloud, Microsoft Live or whatever; one of the main reasons for considering this phone is to maintain your distance from Google to many potential users.

Yrjö Selänne (yselnne) wrote :

Hi there,

With nearly 600 heat points, I consider this to be a big bug for Ubuntu Touch.

There has been a bounty created here: ($250)

Note that this is also the highest trending wish-bug to be solved on bountysource 'thumbs-up' aswell.

Harri Suutari (hsuutari) wrote :

Implement the CalDAV support, thanks.

Daniel (punke-daniel) wrote :

I just recently switched to Android after waiting for over one year for the implementation of an easy to use caldav/carddav sync. I'm using an owncloud server with ssl-encryption and synchronisation with sync-evolution from terminal failed repeatingly though I imported the concerning self-signed cert to the ca-authorities.
However, this is a no-go for end users who just want to tap a button to sync their calendars and contacts and don't want to write scripts they don't even fully understand.
We've got a brand new weather app, new background theme, fixes for all kind of shit useless apps but the crucial basics a smartphone must have like calendar and contacts sync are still missing and not even scheduled for an ota.
I have lost faith in canonicals aims and purposes. Ubuntu phone seems to stay a toy-like tool for geeks.

Yrjö Selänne (yselnne) wrote :

For those looking for a challenge, there's also a Thunderbird 'CardDav' issue, which pretty much has a dollar for each thumbs-up on bsource at $434.usd (after minus 10% fee).

tags: added: bounty
Tiago Carrondo (tcarrondo) wrote :

This script does everything for you.
Just fill the blanks on top.

Khurshid Alam (khurshid-alam) wrote :

@Dominik Baikal tutorials for CalDAV with syncevolution is pending as community wiki has been closed down due to spammers attack. Stat tuned at

James Tigert (jimmy-tigert) wrote :

SyncEvoution DOES NOT work. In fact, now that I "stupidly" chose to use it, my sync operation with Google results in errors. I haven't troubleshot anything yet, but I wanted to warn any user attempting to use the script.

It's not a bad script, it just doesn't work the way that "I" assumed it would.

Einar Mostad (einarmostad) wrote :

We really need iCal and CalDav working for this Calendar app to be of any use for anyone who isn't a Google user (since most people own more than one device and need syncing). Terminal syncing is not an option for 99.99% of normal people.

The syncevolution workaround is exactly that - a workaround that forces you to sync manually. Without a way to automatically sync (we can't really hook up a cronjob to our script with that readonly filesystem), it is too hampered for a daily driver. I won't do a final switch to UT until i can properly sync calendars and contacts.

Robert Broen (rbroen) wrote :

I sure hope someone is working on this.

Bill Filler (bfiller) on 2016-08-02
Changed in ubuntu-calendar-app:
status: Triaged → In Progress
Changed in sync-monitor (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → In Progress
Changed in canonical-devices-system-image:
status: Confirmed → In Progress
Changed in ubuntu-calendar-app:
assignee: nobody → Renato Araujo Oliveira Filho (renatofilho)
Changed in sync-monitor (Ubuntu):
assignee: nobody → Renato Araujo Oliveira Filho (renatofilho)
Bill Filler (bfiller) wrote :

We've landed multi-calendar google sync for ota13. We're in process of finishing OwnCloud multi-calendar sync, using the new OwnCloud online account.

Once this lands, generic calDav support should be easy, just need a generic CalDav online account and then it will just work.

Robert Broen (rbroen) wrote :

Sounds like good news Bill, can't wait to hook up the phone to Baikal. Keep up the good work!

Jon morley (jmorley-signup) wrote :

I am using terminal entered syncevolution commands to sync calendars (CalDAV) and contacts (CardDAV) from a personal server to my Nexus 4 (OTA-13). It works, but figuring out the incantations and setting up the crons to maintain this wasn't easy and doesn't appear to be sustainable. I set it up on OTA-12, yet the OTA-13 update broke my settings and I had to re-enter them.

I too am looking forward to a general purpose entry point for system managed CalDAV and CardDAV synchronization settings. Will a successful close to this issue include some kind of generic server entry alongside the existing account options?

Thank you for all the hard work! I really like the platform!

John M. (jhnmlkvch9) wrote :

@jmorley I'd be very interested to know how you solved the problem with syncevolution and OTA-13. I posted a question but received no solutions so far:

Hi John,

My Ubuntu Touch phone is ready and the command is all set, but
unfortunatly the self-asigned certificate on my Baikal server is not
sufficiently safe according to the phone...

I have plans to upgrade it, but there are other people using the
service, so I have to find a window in to bring the service down for a

I'll get back to you on that one...

Kind regards,

Robert Broen.

On Sat, Oct 1, 2016 at 5:07 PM, John M. <email address hidden> wrote:
> @jmorley I'd be very interested to know how you solved the problem with syncevolution and OTA-13. I posted a question but received no solutions so far:
> --
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> report.
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> No calDAV and iCalendar support
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Jon morley (jmorley-signup) wrote :

Hi @JohnM,

I wasn't doing anything ics. I was simply trying to connect to a server that is hosting CardDAV/CalDAV setups. I followed the directions here:

More specifically I followed those steps on my Ubuntu desktop install to make sure I had the right severs/commands. Then I ran the working commands from my phone. After that I followed the linked page to set up the sync on cron:

You will have to mount your phone's root filesystem as writable to setup the cron. Hope that helps!

Is there a date when to expect generic CalDav support?
I'm in the process of migrating DaviCal to a new server, and rather to go through the syncevolution scripts, I would like much more to do the configuration on the GUI.
Or is there a way to use the OwnCloud connector with DaviCal?

NeoTheThird (neothethird) wrote :

Any updates on this? Btw, i just added 50$ to the bounty, it's now 80$:

This should be very simple to implement. Owncloud is already sync using caldav.

The only missing part is the online-account to add the caldav account into the system.

Alberto Mardegan (mardy) wrote :

Renato, since the account is specific for the calendar, I think it makes more sense if the account plugin is shipped by the calendar app.

That said, I can certainly contribute the plugin implementation, just please let me know what data you expect the plugin to collect from the user (and in which settings it should be stored).

no longer affects: ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (Ubuntu)
NeoTheThird (neothethird) wrote :

I disagree. I think it does make sense to ship it in ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts, so that more sync functionality can be added later. Owncloud and Nextcloud are also capable of syncing Contacts, Tasks and Notes, it would be totally rad if you could set the account settings once and have everything working! And no, using Google for this is not a good option. If i wanted to sell my soul, i'd be using android or iOS.

Btw, the bounty is now 100$ :)

Robert Broen (rbroen) wrote :

Yep, I thought I'd up to to a nice number. I'd your like Baikal caldav support ;-)

If I was 100% sure that the bounty is going te (one of) the developers, I'ld up it more...

I just increased the bounty. I'm waiting for this feature since a long time ago. :-)

eDeviser (wolle3) wrote :

Am I right that this BugPost and the bounty is about the generic iCal and CalDav implementation, so that it will be possible to sync with any iCal or card Dav server, not just Owncloud?

NeoTheThird (neothethird) wrote :

Yes, sir! @eDeviser

But don't drop the out of the box Nextcloud/Owncloud support!

Keefer (krourke) wrote :

I'm in the process of killing my Google account; switched to Ubuntu Touch and just noticed that CalDav/CardDav is missing. I'm particularly concerned with the lack of CardDav support, I'd like to be able to sync my contacts from my ownCloud installation. Any recent progress on this?

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