[Eir] Enable Eir to check other #$buntu channels for banned users and warn

Bug #899630 reported by Matt Darcy on 2011-12-03
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A lot of the more problem users in the Ubuntu name space get banned from one Ubuntu channel and straight away join another ubuntu channel and cause a problem there, this is also true of spammers and relies on a lot of manual intervention to manage. This is a reasonably rare situation, but a troublesome one non the less.

Enabling eir to have some form of the following functionality.

The ability to check if a banned user is present in other channels and warn the operators.

eg: banned user ikonia banned from #ubuntu present in #kubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu so they can be checked on.

There are various ways to do this, checking users as they join channels for ban entries (massive overhead), or sleeping 30 seconds after a ban and then checking the user for channels they share with eir, this is just a high level idea.

enable a !btset-namespace type command, if a problem user/spammer hits a channel that we know is a problem in all the channels the ability to do

!btset-namespace $ban-id for eir to then implement that ban with the same parameters as the original ban in all channels eir is controlling.

eg: a spammer hits #freenode/##linux/#ubuntu/#rhel - we see it's hitting multiple channels and ban in from #ubuntu with a ban id of 1234 and a duration of 1 day as it will likely go away after 24 hours,

the ability to do !btset-namespace 1234 would push eir to put the same #ubuntu ban in #kubuntu/#xubuntu/#lubuntu/any other other channel controlled by eir for 24 hours and auto remove when the ban is removed from #ubuntu

m4v (m4v) wrote :

We can't patch eir, but it can be done in ubottu.

Bantracker keeps in memory current bans of all channels. So is possible to check if anyone that joins is banned somewhere else without querying the database. This has the potential to be annoying though, if somebody is banned from #kubuntu but behaves in the other channels you are going to get a warning per every channel he joins until the ban is removed. To alleviate this I guess a "warning" should expire after some time has passed since the ban was set.

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Matt Darcy (matt-darcy) wrote :

why can't we patch eir ?

interesting point on ubottu, I didn't realise it held all in ram.

This is only a high level idea and I agree without thought it would be very annoying, almost as annoying as eir currently is with it's nags.

I don't think checking if a user is banned is a useful way forward, as you suggest, it needs to have some sort of logic behind it

eg: if ban time is less than 180 seconds warn, else ignore or, if comment contains the word WARN (which relies on us commenting) warn us.

Again only very high level ideas.

m4v (m4v) wrote :

> why can't we patch eir ?
Eir is maintained by freenode staff, not us. Also Eir is a bit alien since is written in C++ and Perl, while Ubottu is all python, so chances that I can cook a patch for eir are null.

Alan Bell (alanbell) wrote :

I am not certain eir is the right place for the proposed functionality to sit, however we do have some options with eir, we can propose patches, or fork and run our own instance.

Matt Darcy (matt-darcy) wrote :

eir may or may not be the right place,

in some ways it's fully the right place as it controls the bans and auto removal of bans and (in the end) should sit in all Ubuntu channels (core at least) so the ability to monitor the problem user/set a ban/remove a ban in all channels seems the logical place.

As you said we have the ability to run our own version, or as m4v suggests we could look at doing this from within ubottu.

This bugs only designed to get the thought process moving and start finding design issues such as you've both pointed out.

Alan Bell (alanbell) on 2011-12-30
summary: - Enable Eir to check other #$buntu channels for banned users and warn
+ [Eir] Enable Eir to check other #$buntu channels for banned users and
+ warn
Alan Bell (alanbell) wrote :

we are not using Eir in the ubuntu channels any more

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