Activity log for bug #735789

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2011-03-15 22:27:43 m4v bug added bug
2011-03-16 06:52:28 Terence Simpson ubuntu-bots: assignee mav (m4v) m4v (symphony)
2011-03-17 10:09:00 Terence Simpson ubuntu-bots: status Confirmed In Progress
2011-03-17 10:09:00 Terence Simpson ubuntu-bots: assignee m4v (symphony) Terence Simpson (tsimpson)
2011-06-20 04:44:29 m4v ubuntu-bots: assignee Terence Simpson (tsimpson) m4v (m4v)
2011-08-26 00:26:36 m4v summary [stormyfacts] no mysql/postgres support [stormyfacts] no postgres support
2011-08-26 00:28:05 m4v description I need to figure out the ui for add and remove db and how to run testcases against them. Postgres tables schemas aren't similar to MySQL or SQLite: # * PostgreSQL # doesn't support CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS # doesn't support DATETIME, use TIMESTAMP # doesn't support AUTO_INCREMENT? apparently is SERIAL
2011-08-26 00:28:08 m4v ubuntu-bots: status In Progress Triaged
2011-08-26 00:28:11 m4v ubuntu-bots: importance High Low
2011-08-26 00:28:14 m4v ubuntu-bots: assignee m4v (m4v)