Does not receive trophys for: ask ubuntu and: register on launchpad

Bug #1017821 reported by rechengehirn on 2012-06-26
This bug affects 7 people
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Ubuntu Accomplishments System

Bug Description

After adding the launchpad email and the user url from "ask ubuntu" i do not receive the trophys.

But i have new opportunities that require launchpad account like "Uploaded First branch to launchpad".
The opportunity "register on launchpad" is gone.

I still have the opportunitiy "Register on Ask Ubuntu"
There are no new opportunities for further tings on ask ubuntu.

It seems, the program recognizes the launchpad - account but doesn't give the trophy.
And it doesn't recognize the "Ask Ubuntu" account.
(For information: I have registered with the launchpad account on ask ubuntu)

Here is the log from ~/.cache/accomplishments/logs/daemon.log

2012-06-25 23:50:34+0200 [-] Accomplishing: ubuntu-community/registered-on-launchpad
2012-06-25 23:50:34+0200 [-] /home/kai/.local/share/accomplishments/trophies/ubuntu-community/registered-on-launchpad.trophy
2012-06-25 23:50:34+0200 [-] ...Accomplished
2012-06-25 23:50:34+0200 [-] 16/16: /usr/share/accomplishments/scripts/ubuntu-community/support/
2012-06-25 23:50:34+0200 [-] Running subprocess command: ['/usr/share/accomplishments/scripts/ubuntu-community/support/']
2012-06-25 23:50:34+0200 [-] Got process results: Daemon seems to be installed to: /usr

2012-06-25 23:50:34+0200 [-] ...Not Accomplished
2012-06-25 23:50:34+0200 [-] --- Completed Running Scripts in 2.62 seconds---

rechengehirn (kai-pixelsucht) wrote :

Update: After restarting the System i received the "registered on launchpad" trophy.

But it still doesn't recognize the "ask ubuntu" account.

rechengehirn (kai-pixelsucht) wrote :

I found out, that the deamon recognizes all the trophies in the u1 directories and locally in:

But they don't show up on the viewer program.

d❤vid (kwill) wrote :

On my system the two .trophy files exist in ~/.local/share/accomplishments/trophies/ubuntu-community but

 * the trophies don't appear in the viewer
 * no dependencies (e.g. my badges visible on Ask Ubuntu) appear (as files or in the viewer)

No change happens when I:

 * wait a long time
 * restarting my machine

If I delete the .trophy files then restart, the files get recreated but nothing else happens.

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