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OpenStack Infra (hudson-openstack) wrote : Related fix merged to tripleo-heat-templates (stable/queens)

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: stable/queens

commit 3a69cc589e5b4280d259fc49ff7cf342dc9f8cac
Author: Oliver Walsh <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 17 16:08:40 2019 +0100

    Add missing update_serial key to compute roles

    I missed this the changes from I4ee0110a6c2b9466d81e37e5df27f5f81a6eceb5 when
    rebasing I9f40a2a3561fcb1d1fec9d9c3c1f9cabaf02650c.

    Add the missing key to the roles and add some validation to catch this.

    Change-Id: I0f38df69777340ebbdc5c419f121524dbc74cad7
    Related-bug: #1831617
    Implements: blueprint nova-backend-per-role
    (cherry picked from commit c2977e3c00c08eca8d5f52f7fb9c61abdf0ef28f)
    (cherry picked from commit 7b72488d2ef12d99524f6926fca0efe310ff453e)
    (cherry picked from commit d9dcd8d51677c0435fc74ac7f40a544fa4ac41af)