Comment 9 for bug 1819548

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: stable/queens

commit 849d5ce550b818711ee15500d03dac6efba2f913
Author: Alex Schultz <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Mar 26 13:49:56 2019 -0600

    Fix reload notification file

    We want to trigger the reload on the localtime file (/etc/localtime) not
    the actual zone file because that is the symlink that gets updated when
    the timezone is changed.

    NOTE: This is <= Rocky only because we switched to ansible managment in

    Change-Id: I2bdafeb59c3feb86a30a46eeb803bc9795c9c820
    Closes-Bug: #1819548
    (cherry picked from commit ac4bd32a70db90f55100bb74f939dad99547cde3)