Comment 6 for bug 1719902

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit a38e9635bb9eb8166fad6d72d881118cd3376767
Author: John Trowbridge <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Oct 2 08:44:36 2017 -0400

    Make the convert-image role more generic

    Specifically this patch adds knobs for controlling whether:
    - an update is run (convert_image_update)
    - what packages get removed (convert_image_remove_pkgs)
    - what packages get installed (convert_image_install_pkgs)
    - what tempest plugins get installed (convert_image_tempest-plugins)

    All defaults for the above options are set to the current hardcoded
    values, so this is a no-op change wrt current configurations.
    However, it allows for new configurations to take advantage of this

    Change-Id: Iecb2d07e4451eb97c958dcf19d9a76aa0982acef
    Related-Bug: 1719902