Comment 4 for bug 1713183

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/pike

commit fc9dc2afa505d2fadccb2d5df17fbe226b53eacb
Author: Dan Prince <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Aug 25 22:27:24 2017 -0400

    Manually set healthchecks for _cron services

    The docker _cron services show up as (unhealthy) due to
    them sharing the containers for the OpenStack services.
    As such we need to manually override the health checks
    for these services. By setting them to /bin/true
    the services should show up has healthy.

    Change-Id: I46e12bcec226fbe2768c7fe8f0e7719df46401a9
    Closes-bug: #1713183
    (cherry picked from commit d1aaf0aadf487ccfcdecb47f3cfbf6087401242b)