Comment 9 for bug 1712842

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/ocata

commit 87d4bdf6932f6e10867d6c3ae4717c25e9ad93a4
Author: Tom Barron <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Aug 24 12:27:20 2017 -0400

    manila: set "host" to "hostgroup"

    when running manila-share under control of pacemaker, as
    is done for cinder-volume service in the same circumstance.

    Change-Id: Ic97f01913bae2a388c962a38fa175eb1d763cdcb
    Depends-On: Ie31f2d5ccf458f5fcfe8bec5f2c37f45070cfde2
    Closes-Bug: #1712842
    (cherry picked from commit 8fa6c6e58c7ac0d32bf2f0dfb586683cf006e3bf)
    (cherry picked from commit 1f3cb179b8e668f9a4e2c2307b60b4ceecd877f4)