Comment 24 for bug 1674681

Paul Belanger (pabelanger) wrote :

So, I am pretty sure this isn't fixed. And not the real issue. Based on comments dmsimard made previously, I started looking more into this.

A few issues:

1) We do appears to be having networking issues in osic-cloud1. From what I see, we are getting packet loss within the rackspace networks. Surprisingly, this maybe we limited to centos-7 hosts, which might explain why other projects haven't see this before. I'll be looking into this on monday.

2) Tripleo should take this opportunity to better understand jobs should not be depending on the internet. Specifically, tripleo goes out to the network way too much for my comfort. We make a big effort to keep devstack from going out to the public web, for this exact reason. Tripleo is now at the point where a significant amount of jobs are failing, because of networking blips.

I have started working on patching rubygems-mirror to allow openstack-infra to mirror gems, but things like DLRN and should also be mirrored. is a bigger issue, but I am going to talk about this for our tuesday openstack-infra meeting.

3) Add ipv6 support for This is specific to potential issues in osic-cloud, but if did provide ipv6 support, it may fix some networking issues we are seeing. Other wise, traffic from osic-cloud1 needs to hit an ipv4 NAT.

So, with all of that. We should reopen this and use it to help track the issues above