Comment 8 for bug 1672826

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/ocata

commit b1b418d2a4d39f263899770b3e7e3a07cca2a1b6
Author: Dan Trainor <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 30 20:36:04 2017 -0400

    Add tunnel timeout for ui proxy container

    Add an explicit tunnel timeout configuration option to increase the
    tunnel timeout for persistent socket connections from two minutes (2m)
    to one hour (3600s). A configuration was already present to apply a
    tunnel timeout to the zaqar_ws endpoint, but that only applies to
    connections made directly to the zaqar_ws endpoint directly. Since UI
    now uses mod_proxy to proxy WebSocket connections for Zaqar, the timeout
    is now applied for the same reasons to the ui haproxy server.

    Change-Id: If749dc9148ccf8f2fa12b56b6ed6740f42e65aeb
    Closes-Bug: 1672826
    (cherry picked from commit e8125cb3640e0fe74b8617aaf55686d5645c8f7f)