Unable to delete overcloud node when identifying --stack by UUID, using name works however

Bug #1646283 reported by John Fulton on 2016-11-30
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Bug Description

Running `openstack overcloud node delete --stack $stack $node_uuid` fails if $stack is set to the UUID of a heat stack. Setting it to the stack_name, e.g. "overcloud", succeeds however. As per the output of `openstack overcloud node delete --help`, they should be interchangeable. The gist of the error is "Environment not found [name=23e7c364-7303-4af6-b54d-cfbf1b737680]"

Full error message below:

[stack@hci-director ~]$ nova_id=$(openstack server list | grep compute-3 | awk {'print $2'} | egrep -vi 'id|^$')
[stack@hci-director ~]$ stack_id=$(openstack stack list | awk {'print $2'} | egrep -vi 'id|^$')
[stack@hci-director ~]$ time openstack overcloud node delete --stack $stack_id $nova_id
deleting nodes [u'6b2a2e71-f9c8-4d5b-aaf8-dada97c90821'] from stack 23e7c364-7303-4af6-b54d-cfbf1b737680
Started Mistral Workflow. Execution ID: 4864b1df-a170-4d51-b411-79f839d11ecd
{u'execution': {u'id': u'4864b1df-a170-4d51-b411-79f839d11ecd',
                u'input': {u'container': u'23e7c364-7303-4af6-b54d-cfbf1b737680',
                           u'nodes': [u'6b2a2e71-f9c8-4d5b-aaf8-dada97c90821'],
                           u'queue_name': u'b0c40c06-be37-402d-9636-6071ba3e28b2',
                           u'timeout': 240},
                u'name': u'tripleo.scale.v1.delete_node',
                u'params': {},
                u'spec': {u'description': u'deletes given overcloud nodes and updates the stack',
                          u'input': [u'container',
                                     {u'timeout': 240},
                                     {u'queue_name': u'tripleo'}],
                          u'name': u'delete_node',
                          u'tasks': {u'delete_node': {u'action': u'tripleo.scale.delete_node nodes=<% $.nodes %> timeout=<% $.timeout %> container=<% $.container %>',
                                                      u'name': u'delete_node',
                                                      u'on-error': u'set_delete_node_failed',
                                                      u'on-success': u'send_message',
                                                      u'type': u'direct',
                                                      u'version': u'2.0'},
                                     u'send_message': {u'action': u'zaqar.queue_post',
                                                       u'input': {u'messages': {u'body': {u'payload': {u'execution': u'<% execution() %>',
                                                                                                       u'message': u"<% $.get('message', '') %>",
                                                                                                       u'status': u"<% $.get('status', 'SUCCESS') %>"},
                                                                                          u'type': u'tripleo.scale.v1.delete_node'}},
                                                                  u'queue_name': u'<% $.queue_name %>'},
                                                       u'name': u'send_message',
                                                       u'retry': u'count=5 delay=1',
                                                       u'type': u'direct',
                                                       u'version': u'2.0'},
                                     u'set_delete_node_failed': {u'name': u'set_delete_node_failed',
                                                                 u'on-success': u'send_message',
                                                                 u'publish': {u'message': u'<% task(delete_node).result %>',
                                                                              u'status': u'FAILED'},
                                                                 u'type': u'direct',
                                                                 u'version': u'2.0'}},
                          u'version': u'2.0'}},
 u'message': u"Failed to run action [action_ex_id=c2e44ffe-00fc-4131-b29c-981e33f50ea1, action_cls='<class 'mistral.actions.action_factory.ScaleDownAction'>', attributes='{}', params='{u'nodes': [u'6b2a2e71-f9c8-4d5b-aaf8-dada97c90821'], u'container': u'23e7c364-7303-4af6-b54d-cfbf1b737680', u'timeout': 240}']\n Environment not found [name=23e7c364-7303-4af6-b54d-cfbf1b737680]",
 u'status': u'FAILED'}

real 1m39.169s
user 0m0.530s
sys 0m0.104s
[stack@hci-director ~]$

Additional Details:

The stack ID was correct:

[stack@hci-director ~]$ heat stack-list
WARNING (shell) "heat stack-list" is deprecated, please use "openstack stack list" instead
| id | stack_name | stack_status | creation_time | updated_time |
| 23e7c364-7303-4af6-b54d-cfbf1b737680 | overcloud | UPDATE_COMPLETE | 2016-11-24T03:24:56Z | 2016-11-30T17:16:48Z |
[stack@hci-director ~]$

As well as the nova id:

[stack@hci-director ~]$ openstack server list | grep osd-compute-3
| 6b2a2e71-f9c8-4d5b-aaf8-dada97c90821 | overcloud-osd-compute-3 | ACTIVE | ctlplane= | overcloud-full |
[stack@hci-director ~]$

Note that the delete works if I identify the stack by its name.

[stack@hci-director ~]$ time openstack overcloud node delete --stack overcloud 6b2a2e71-f9c8-4d5b-aaf8-dada97c90821
deleting nodes [u'6b2a2e71-f9c8-4d5b-aaf8-dada97c90821'] from stack overcloud
Started Mistral Workflow. Execution ID: 396f123d-df5b-4f37-b137-83d33969b52b

real 1m50.662s
user 0m0.563s
sys 0m0.099s
[stack@hci-director ~]$

Julie Pichon (jpichon) wrote :

Thank you for the detailed bug report! This looks like a duplicate of bug 1640933, which was just fixed on master last week - doesn't look like a backport made it through yet though.

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