Comment 17 for bug 1596373

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 787685101179f13f6074901070cf307bd9bb0731
Author: Dan Prince <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Oct 10 21:09:01 2016 -0400

    Hiera optimization: use a new hiera hook

    This patch optimizes how we deploy hiera by using a new
    heat hook specifically designed to help compose hiera
    within heat templates. As part of this change:

     - we update all the 'hiera' software configurations to set the group to hiera
       instead of os-apply-config.

     - The new format uses JSON instead of YAML. The hook actually writes
       out the hiera JSON directly so no conversion takes place. Arrays,
       Strings, Booleans all stay in their native formats. As such we can avoid
       having to do many of the awkward string and list conversions in t-h-t to
       support the previous YAML formatting.

     - The new hook prefers JSON over YAML so upgrading users will have the
       new files prefered. (we will post a cleanup routine for the old files
       soon but this isn't a new behavior, JSON is now simply prefered.)

     - A lot of services required edits to account for default settings that
       worked in YAML that no longer work correctly in the native JSON
       format. In almost all these cases I think the resulting codes looks
       cleaner and is more explicit with regards to what is getting
       configured in hiera on the actual nodes.

    Depends-On: I6a383b1ad4ec29458569763bd3f56fd3f2bd726b
    Closes-bug: #1596373

    Change-Id: Ibe7e2044e200e2c947223286fdf4fd5bcf98c2e1