Comment 2 for bug 1428726

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 310b557430a7dc6fbf6db892fde7fd4ad7ce6a58
Author: Steven Hardy <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 5 15:37:05 2015 -0500

    Fall back to generated snmp password with --no-undercloud

    Running via devtest with --no-undercloud seems
    to result in some puppet errors recently, due to the zero-length
    password in the heiradata key.

    So instead of passing a zero length password, fall back to generating
    one in the event no password is found via the undercloud key of the
    test environment.

    Change-Id: Ia5f9fff1ea3b50f372489a42647e3f47bc219df8
    Closes-Bug: #1428726