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Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote :

From the POC notes:

    nova.conf - quantum_url is rather than

        Ditto quantum_admin_auth_url - {{}} is wrong

        firewall_driver not set

        security_group not set []

        service_quantum_metadata_proxy not set

        quantum_metadata_proxy_shared_secret not set

    quantum/metadata_agent.ini needs metadat_proxy_shared_secret set - both should be e.g, {{quantum.metadata_proxy_secret}}

        may need to set nova-metadata_ip and nova_metadata_port too - to and 8775

    in /etc/quantum/plugins/openvswitch/ovs_quantum_plugin.ini

        local_ip is wrong - should be the machines local details - undercloud assigned ip.


        firewall_driver = quantum.


    the ctlplane networking configuration isn’t suitable for virtual: we don’t want any tenant traffic getting onto 10.10.16.x at all.

        what we want for networking is the public range on the network nodes, and unbridged traffic on the other nodes.

        so - bridge_mappings -> blank

        vlan25 with .16 as it’s address [for all-in-one the API endpoint is the thing]

        -> bridge mappings should be policy

        network_vlan_ranges -> blank

        tenant_network_type = gre

        enable_tunneling = True

        tunnel_id_ranges = 1:1000

    we still want br-int

    We don’t need br-ctlplane

    network_vlan_ranges shouldn’t be in quantum.conf at all

    init-quantum is creating a provider network

    init-quantum isn’t using the network range we want