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Bug #731037 reported by Peter on 2011-03-08
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Piotr Adamski

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I'd like Tomdroid do allow me to navigate to a note via it's "Notebook" as if it was a folder.

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Olivier Bilodeau (plaxx) on 2011-09-05
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I would suggest to implement it like folders/lables in the gmail app.

Menu entry with "Show notebooks" brings you to an ListActivity with an Actionbar.

First list item is always "All notes", afterwards all notebooks are listed.
Menu entries there should be "new notebook", etc.
Maybe longpress options could be: "Rename", "Delete", "Show Notes"

When selecting a listitem, the notes-list is shown again.
However, we should show the notebookname somewhere in the notes-list. A good spot would be the title. eg: "Tomdroid - <Notebookname>".

@Piotr: what have you done so far?

Piotr Adamski (mcveat) wrote :

What I've implemented:
* replaced Note class implementation so tags are a Set<String> instead of comma separated values
* changed notes list adapter so it contains two types of elements: notebooks and notes not assigned to any notebook. Noteboks are displayed on the top of the list tapping notebook opens separate list with notes of specific notebook
* adding note to a notebook when new note button was tapped when displaying notebook content

I'm attaching screenshot to give you better idea of how it looks now ('A' letter is just to differentiate notebooks from notes, it should be replaced with proper icon eventually ;).

There is one issue I know about, namely, notebook tags are lost after sync with U1. And I'm still hesitating to change DAO to in a way that tags are stored in separate table - it would be more efficient than looking through tags of all notes when doing notebook related operations.

What comes to organizing method, I'm not a big fan of gmail way. I'm putting notes into notebooks, so they don't come in my way while I'm looking through top level notes. That stands exactly on the opposite side of labels concept. Everything though depends of what is the more common use case for tomdroid/tomboy users. Maybe we should ask people about it?

Piotr Adamski (mcveat) wrote :

Forgotten attachement

I also like you concept!

The only difference is, that with my concept you can't view only notes without notebook
and with your concept you can't view all notes in one list at once.

Tomboy has a sidepanel with the notebooks and a "default notebook" saying "All Notes". This could be also implemented in your concept. However, we could also integrate a notebook "no notebook" in my concept to show only toplevel notes.

Setups without notebooks (may be the majority) will always have just the note-list displayed.

I think, it is just a matter of taste, if you would like the notebooks within your notes or in a separate list.

We probably should think a bit more into the future: How to create new notebooks, how to associate notes with a notebook, how to delete notebooks...

In my concept: we have a list with the notebooks, "All notes" on top and selected by default. the last entry (or a menu entry) could be "add new Notebook".
In you concept a menu entry would be possible to add new notebooks (as well as a longpress option)

adding notes would be possible when viewing the notebook with a menu entry "add notes to notebook" -> leads to list where you can check/select notes -> button done/cancel.

deleting notebooks can also be done with a menu entry, or with longpress option.

I agree this should be discussed by a broader audience. Would you like to create a bluepring and/or write to the mailing list? you can copy past important stuff from here, I think.

Piotr Adamski (mcveat) wrote :

I'd like to do this, but unfortunately not sooner than next week.

this is fine. we won't include this feature in the recent beta, as we need to fix bugs and get it as stable as possible for a stable release.

NoahY (noahy) wrote :

I was just going to say, we might want to make a feature freeze soon; apart from betas it would be nice to get all the existing bugs worked out and publish a stable release before expanding the feature set too much.

Michaël (cadilhac) wrote :

Any reason why this has never been included to the main repos?

Yes. The branch was not merged before Noah began with all the awesome big changes like two-way sync and note editing. Therefore we wanted to make this changes stable first before adding new features like this. I will tag this bug for 0.8.0, our next milestone after the current version is stable!

Changed in tomdroid:
milestone: none → 0.8.0
Michaël (cadilhac) wrote :

Perfect, Stefan. Thanks for the fast answer!

Michaël (cadilhac) wrote :

It's been more than a year; is there any progress towards that? Does anyone know about an alternative, e.g., a way to automatically create a note with the notebook tree, so that navigation is possible? Thanks!

I'd really love to have this too, I have lots of notes organised in notebooks so I'd love to have this feature. It'd be so much handier to be able to organise them like on the desktop.

Rexx Magnus (rexx) wrote :

I'd also like to see this - I've only just started using Tomboy after finding out about its ability to sync. Notebooks are a better way for me to organise information than todo lists in caldav (what I'm using at the moment).

George Notaras (gnotaras) wrote :

This would be a great addition. But from what I see, this was marked as 'in progress' about 3 years ago. What is the status?

Aurimas (4urimas) wrote :

Any progress? Is the app still in development?

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