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Stan Armstrong (sarmstrong-halifax) wrote : Re: [Bug 461169] [NEW] remove old backups safely?

Great! For now I have enough storage to keep the whole lot, but I am
reorganizing all my and my wife's files, partitions, and drives in
preparation for a more rational backup system based on using Time Drive
for the incrementals and Mondorescue for monthly bare metals and running
the backups across our lan. That should secure each of our machines
against local failure. In case of lightning or fire...well, I'm still
working on that one. I detest making multiple DVD backups. Maybe when
the price of Blu-Ray media becomes reasonable I'll go that way.

Rob Oakes wrote:
> Hi Stan,
> We are in the process of working on this. If you have more than one
> full backup, you should be able to remove it in addition to all of the
> associated incrementals. Future versions (0.4 and onward, which
> hopefully will be released next month) will allow you to remove
> incremental backups. It will also allow us to enable the autoremove
> functions.
> Cheers
> Rob
> On Mon, 2009-10-26 at 15:08 +0000, Stan Armstrong wrote:
>> Public bug reported:
>> I want to remove some but not all old backups, both full and
>> incremental. Is there currently a safe way to do this? Can they be
>> deleted within Time Drive or should the files simply be deleted from the
>> target directory or should Duplicity be used for the deletions. This is
>> not something I want to try and then see what happens. :-(
>> ** Affects: time-drive
>> Importance: Undecided
>> Status: New