IDOPTION needs exploring

Bug #531666 reported by Robert Collins on 2010-03-04
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 affects testrepository
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Apparently its not clear that the template kicks in for --failing only.


Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote :

Additionally, test_id_list_default and its IDOPTION interaction are not clear.

For instance, if you can *only* do default lists via --load-list $IDFILE, one would want test_id_list_default to create a file on the fly; alternatively, if by default you want a regex match, you wouldn't want that. So basically we have to overhaul this to make it lovable for e.g. trial and bzr plugins.

summary: - be more clear about how IDOPTION is use
+ IDOPTION needs exploring
Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote :

Some more discussion

11:11 < james_w> bug 531666 ?
11:11 < ubot5> Launchpad bug 531666 in Testrepository "IDOPTION needs exploring (affected: 1, heat: 2)" [Medium,Triaged]
11:11 < lifeless> I want to be able to say, for a bzr plugin 'this is how you trigger the default set of tests for the plugin', 'this is how you run a human reduced set for the plugin', 'this is how you run a precise list' and (probably)
                  'this is how you turn off testr managing the list of tests'
11:12 < james_w> makes sense

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