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Bug #1247946: [Patch] Add a dbus service method to add a new tab in a specified directory Undecided New 297 weeks

From: Luke
Link: terradir.patch


Bug #1166710: Keyboard shortcuts conflict Undecided In Progress 327 weeks

From: SchnWalter
Link: terra-1166710.patch


Bug #1158771: press escape on close confirmation dialog close terra Undecided Fix Committed 328 weeks

From: Aşkın Yollu
Link: bug-1158771.patch


Bug #1160649: Keyboard shortcut for "Split vertically" is acting as "Split horizontally" and vice-versa Undecided New 329 weeks

From: Cleydyr de Albuquerque
Link: 1160649.diff


Bug #1152349: respawn new shell instead of quit terra terminal Undecided New 331 weeks

From: Osman Karagöz
Link: respawn_on_exit.patch


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