Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Terminator 2.0 "Loken" gtk3 None not yet released The GTK3 port using PyGObject Introspection, and all that jazz.
Terminator 1.0 "Patrick" trunk None not yet released
Terminator 0.98 "temperation" trunk None 2015-09-07 It's been a couple years since 0.97, high time for a new release!
Terminator 0.97 "preparation" trunk None 2013-04-30 This brings a lot of bug fixes and some minor feature additions, in preparati...
Terminator 0.96 trunk None 2011-09-23 Bug fixes and features
Terminator 0.95 trunk None 2010-08-24
Terminator 0.94 "relaxation" trunk None 2010-07-04
Terminator 0.93 "recognition" trunk None 2010-04-15
Terminator 0.92 "redemption" trunk None 2010-04-07 Continuing to stamp out the bugs and regressions in 0.9x.
Terminator 0.91 "epic fail" trunk None 2010-03-31 Fixing silly little mistakes in the 0.90 release
Terminator 0.90 "epic win" trunk None 2010-03-30 This release will be the first one made from our brand new project core, the ...
Terminator 0.14 "Our last best hope" trunk None 2009-12-03
Terminator 0.13 trunk None 2009-06-23
Terminator 0.12 "I hear voices" trunk None 2009-01-20 Get a release out to get some testing and into Jaunty Bug fixes, directional ...
Terminator 0.11 "The Electric Bugaloo" trunk None 2008-09-19 Bug fixes and X Session Support
Terminator 0.10 "the horns of jericho" trunk None 2008-08-28 This is mostly a bugfix release, but we have a great new configuration file h...
Terminator 0.9 "rocking" trunk None 2008-07-07
Terminator 0.8.1 "gar" trunk None 2008-02-20 This is a bugfix release to resolve some issues with 0.8
Terminator 0.8 "nails" trunk None 2008-02-15 New infrastructure and fixes for a long haul release
Terminator 0.7 "foodofthegods" trunk None 2008-01-14 This is another feature/bugfix release, with much additional external halp
Terminator 0.6 "usefulcode" trunk None 2007-12-26 This is another mostly bugfix release, but the important thing now is that Te...
Terminator 0.5 "pleasantdogfood" trunk None 2007-11-09 This is another bugfix release, but it also changes the default behaviours so...
Terminator 0.4 "tastydogfood" trunk None 2007-09-11 This fixes at least one annoying bug and improves behaviours for several others.
Terminator 0.3 "enjoyable dogfood" trunk None 2007-07-31 This release implements terminal closing. With the splitting in 0.2 and this,...
Terminator 0.2 "dogfood" trunk None 2007-07-29 Second public release, now with dynamic splitting goodness
Terminator 0.1 "almostdogfood" trunk None 2007-07-28 First actual release! It mirrors most of the important gnome-terminal behavi...