terminator crash

Bug #1814773 reported by Jan on 2019-02-05
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Bug Description

Thanks for the great app, probably one of the best apps :-)
since the last update i'm getting the following error:

terminator.desktop[11360]: File "/usr/bin/terminator", line 123
terminator.desktop[11360]: except (KeyError,ValueError), ex:
terminator.desktop[11360]: ^
terminator.desktop[11360]: SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Lines from the binary:

  102 MAKER = Factory()
   103 TERMINATOR = Terminator()
   104 TERMINATOR.set_origcwd(ORIGCWD)
   105 TERMINATOR.set_dbus_data(dbus_service)
   106 TERMINATOR.reconfigure()
   107 TERMINATOR.ibus_running = ibus_running

   108 try:
   109 dbg('Creating a terminal with layout: %s' % OPTIONS.layout)
   110 TERMINATOR.create_layout(OPTIONS.layout)
   111 except (KeyError,ValueError), ex:
   112 err('layout creation failed, creating a window ("%s")' % ex )
   113 TERMINATOR.new_window()
   114 TERMINATOR.layout_done()

   115 if OPTIONS.debug >= 2:
   116 import terminatorlib.debugserver as debugserver
   117 # pylint: disable-msg=W0611
   118 import threading

   119 Gdk.threads_init()
   120 (DEBUGTHREAD, DEBUGSVR) = debugserver.spawn(locals())
   121 TERMINATOR.debug_address = DEBUGSVR.server_address

   122 try:
   123 Gtk.main()
   124 except KeyboardInterrupt:
   125 pass

Not sure if it is Ubuntu 18.04 related or something in the app.


      parent = window0
      type = Terminal
      parent = ""
      type = Window
    cursor_color = "#aaaaaa"
    foreground_color = "#00ff00"
/home/jan/.config/terminator/config (END)


Mauro S M Rodrigues (maurosr) wrote :

I have some confidence that this is happening because you're running terminator with python3 instead of python2.
In python 2 the syntax is valid:
except (KeyError,ValueError), ex:

which is not valid for python3.. so instead should be using "as" keyword:

except (KeyError,ValueError) as ex:

Thing is, I don't know how the port to python3 is happening here, something important imo considering python2 will EOL at Jan, 1st, 2020

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