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This isn't technically a bug, but more of a feature request, so if this is the wrong place, I apologize.

I think it would be very helpful if, when a user enabled Broadcast All or Broadcast Group, there was SOME kind of warning that this has happened.

Today I dodged a bullet when I accidentally typed Alt+A instead of Super+A while I had a dozen or so terminal sessions open to various systems I manage. Super+A is mapped to volume down, while Alt+A is mapped to Broadcast All. Unbeknownst to me, I was typing commands on all servers while working in a local file, until I switched desktops and noticed that all of my servers had the same 3 lines in the bash history. This seems like it could be a useful feature, but when accidentally enabled, it could be disastrous.

Maybe the cursor takes on a different visual style, or a message dialog box opens, whatever works. Or, perhaps since it has the capability of being so destructive, it should just be disabled by default and users would have to choose their own key combination to enable it. Or maybe the default shortcut could be a little less easy to accidentally type, say: CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + SUPER + ESC + PRINTSCR + HOME + END + A. I'm exaggerating of course, but the point is: it should not be possible to accidentally type. For me the problem is solved, I just disabled the keyboard shortcuts for that feature since I have no need for it.

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Arnaud Morin (arnaud-morin) wrote :

I ended in exactly the same situation today.
I did Alt+A by mistake and did not notice it until I saw all my commands being typed in all other terminals.
I also used a terminal based chat client (for IRC/jabber).
Imagine I was typing a password to connect to a SSH server, then the password would have been broadcasted to all my terms, including my chatroom...

I think this feature is great but should be used with care (as even not seen terms are receiving the typed commands.

In my opinion, all shortcuts related to grouping should be disabled by default.

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