Comment 3 for bug 903635

Pavel Rojtberg (rojtberg) wrote :

hi julien. thanks for your patch, however I am not copletely convinced I should apply it. Tea Time is designed to be an egg-timer and I am a fan of interfaces allowing only to do as much as necessary.
Your "pausing" usecase is not a common one when using tea time as it is intended and would double the amount of buttons...

I suppose you need this when applying the pomodoro technique? If so, there is a branch of Tea Time specifically created to add pomodoro related features. [1] If you want, I can merge your patch there and grand you commit rights to it.
For supporting pomodoro properly, you might also want to look at at the current blueprints like [2].
Note however I am not actively developing the pomodoro branch, but I would like to share code with trunk if someone steps up for the pomodoro development.