Comment 5 for bug 1649056

Julian (lytex) wrote :

I found a fix for this problem:

1. Enter live mode
2. Unmount all partitions on media with umount /media/*
3. Make a ext4 partition named SB@ with label also SB@. Set the boot flag of that partition with GParted, for example.
4. Recreate the structure of the disk using hard links with a device name that systemback recognizes, as /dev/sdd. I have /dev/nvme0n1 as the actual disk and 7 partitions nvme0n1p1, nvme0n1p2, ... so the commands are:
ln /dev/nvme0n1 /dev/sdd; for((i=1;i<=7;i++)) do ln /dev/nvme0n1p$i /dev/sdd$i; done
5. Then run systemback. You should be able to select the new ext4 partition to install the system.

Step 3 may not be needed, but Systemback didn't see the free space on the disk so I made the SB@ partition