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Bug #805675: Update nautilus-plugin to match dropbox's 0.6.8 version Undecided New 359 weeks

From: Philipp C. Heckel
Link: nautilus-syncany-dropbox-0.6.7.diff


Bug #805210: putting a larger file in synced folder generates large amount of Watcher events Undecided Confirmed 359 weeks

From: Bjorge Dijkstra
Link: watcher.patch


Bug #796055: Can't find bundle for base name org.syncany.i18n.I18n, locale en_us High Fix Committed 360 weeks

From: Daniel Kullmann
Link: 796055.patch

Fixes the bug

Bug #793955: Daemonize Syncany Core & Externalize GUI Wishlist New 361 weeks
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