Allow search of application menu (like Unity HUD)

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It would be great to Synapse to implement the search through applcation menu, in a way similar to Unity HUD (see: Unity/HUD - Ubuntu Wiki - This should not be too complex for applications exporting menu though Appmenu or DBus.

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brx75 (brx75x) wrote :

I found that in "libindicator-appmenu" there are some tools written in Vala and one of this is a stand-alone hud client. I'ld like to start from this to develop a Synapse plugin.

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CruelAngel (hendricha) wrote :

@brx75: That's great news. Can't wait for it to happen.

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Laszlo Boros (semmu) wrote :

That would be awesome. Please make it happen! I'm personally using fallback session, but I miss HUD. A Synapse plugin would be just perfect.

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brx75 (brx75x) wrote :

I've to communicate that no much progress has been done on this.
Sorry all.

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steve (b6111282) wrote :
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Redsandro (redsandro) wrote :

This would improve the lives of so many people, I can't believe none of them figured out how to do this yet. :D

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Ads20000 (ads20000) wrote :

Just use Unity? :P

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pa83 (pa83) wrote :

@ Ads20000

I think people want to choose which WM to use. However I think HUD is a killer feature which should be available completely independent of the WM.

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Franko Burolo (fburolo) wrote :

HUD is indeed a killer feature. It is hard to believe it is still present only in Unity...
I am still using Unity mostly because of the HUD. But I have an old computer and I am afraid it is a matter of time until Unity becomes to hard on resources for it. I would love to have a more lightweight WM-agnostic alternative and Synapse seems to have the most potential.

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Dan (the-dark-aardvark) wrote :

Has there been any progress on this? This is an incredible killer-feature of Unity, and I am shocked that it seems to still be unavailable on any other desktop environment. It's very useful for a keyboard-driven approach to computing.

I see that KDE Plasma is getting this feature soon, likely in their next version:

Perhaps there could be some collaboration with them, or you could just look at their code and get some ideas on how to do this?

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