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Matthew Vernon (matthew-debian) wrote :


We don't run the object expirer, and I am reasonably sure our clients don't set the expiry header. Is there a (simple!) way to check if swift thinks there are objects it should be expiring?

It's certainly possible we have at some point(s) had container disks detached from the cluster for more than `reclaim_age` - this cluster has been running for years, and sometimes nodes fail in ways that cause us to leave them off until their hardware has been fixed.

If that were the case (and was the cause of these ghost listings), could that result in inconsistent container listings (i.e. sometimes you get the ghosts, sometimes you don't)? I'm seeing behaviour that suggests this might be going on. Is there a way to check the various replicas of a container database are all the same? [we have 3-times replication in our container ring]

rclone like the swift CLI treats 404 on delete as a hard failure:

2023/01/27 10:32:37 ERROR : wikipedia-commons-local-public.98/9/98/Professor_Izaak_Mauritis_Kolthoff.jpg: Couldn't delete: Object Not Found
[return code 1]