Comment 2 for bug 1714274

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 348bd83b7eb638d3309ff6313d9a6501c540fa24
Author: Alistair Coles <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Aug 30 15:29:14 2017 +0100

    Respect co-builder partition moves when min_part_hours is zero

    Repeated calls to each co-builder's _update_last_part_moves() are
    unnecessary and have the unfortunate side effect of resetting the
    _last_part_moved bitmap. When a component builder has zero
    min_part_hours this results in it not preventing its co-builders from
    moving parts that it has already moved.

    This patch changes the CompositeRingBuilder to call each component
    builder _update_last_part_moves() *once* before rebalancing any
    component builder. CooperativeRingBuilder's no longer forward calls to
    their _update_last_part_moves() method. Each component's
    _last_part_moved bitmap is therefore preserved until for the duration
    of the composite rebalance.

    The initialisation of the RingBuilder _last_part_moves array is moved
    to the RingBuilder __init__ method, so that calls to
    _update_last_part_moves() are effective even when rebalance() has
    never been called on that builder. Otherwise, during a composite
    rebalance, a component that has not previously been rebalanced will
    not have its _last_part_moves_epoch updated during rebalance and as a
    result may report erroneous min_part_seconds_left after its first

    Related-Change: I1b30cb3d776be441346a4131007d2487a5440a81
    Closes-Bug: #1714274
    Change-Id: Ib165cf974c865d47c2d9e8f7b3641971d2e9f404