Comment 15 for bug 881746

Pjotr12345 (computertip) wrote :

The security issues have most definitely *not* been fixed!

6.26-2 is a minor fix, and only repairs a bug in the alternatives system for amd64. It's still 6u26, and it's still insecure. It escapes me, why they took the trouble to release this minor fix, which does nothing about the security issues....

Anyway, a rescue attempt is under way. A programmer in the Dutch Ubuntu community has been working on a script that pulls the most recent Oracle Java (6u30, since this week) from the Oracle website, and installs it. Like the script for Adobe Flash Player. This is still allowed by the Oracle license.

I expect that this programmer will release his script soon; I've tested the prototype, and it works well. His intention is, to present it to both Ubuntu and Linux Mint (and maybe also to other distro's).